Restaurant Digital Guide

written by Ciphers Digital

Restaurant Digital Guide

Restaurants face many unique challenges in today’s marketplace. From pressures for sustainable sourcing, employee retention, marketing and growth, it is no wonder there is no time to research all the information you need to build a tactical and results driving digital strategy.

With over 85% of customers using the internet to find products, services, and yes.. restaurants; It is imperative that your restaurant is building a strong digital presence to ensure long term growth and longevity for your business for years to come.

This guide a complete guide to build a successful digital presence for your resturant. Built with over 11 years of digital experience. Ciphers digital is dedicated to providing as much value to our customer, clients, and you. We hope this will help take your business to new levels of success now and in the future.


A Tasty Experience

Let us start with a quick thought experiment. Lets say that it is 1970 and someone hears about your restaurant and finally decides to give it a try. Excited for a new experience and something different they drive up and walk to the back door since the signage is poor. Confused, they walk around the building and finally find the front door and get seated, but unfortunatly the hostest was out of menus so they wait for some to become available. 10 minutes in, the wonderful couple finally gets a menu but confused because they came for dinner and this is the breakfast menu. Now they realize they still do not have drinks!

You would obviously never do this to your customers, but if your website is hard to navigate, menus are hard to find and read then they are getting the same experience as the great couple above. This results in the customer leaving your website and going somewhere else, which in every case leads to lost revenue and negative brand engagement.

So what is is that make a unique and pleasurable user experience? What keeps a person on your website happy interacting with your brand? How do you create a tasty experience that leads to new customers and long term business growth? We outline that below.

Pillars of Web Design and User Experience





Have you ever been in a conversation where big words are thrown out or shop talk is being talked about? Where you feel like an outsider and you do not feel the love to contribute? I would imagine so, since where all human and share experiences.

We all hate this, so why do we do it online? It is what happens many times when a potential customer comes to our website looking for a good meal and a nice experience for their dinner date but get frustrated and leave because they are confused or unwelcome. Keep it simple and keep your audience in mind.


We all have a purpose why we do things. In our case, most people’s purpose for being on your website is to order food, check if they would like to visit, or some combination of the two.

The goal of your site is to provide a Call to Action, or a button to satisfy your users purpose on the website.


Technology is an ever changing thing. I doubt that you would argue that you do not use an Iphone the same way you use an old indestructible nokia. You will also agree that there is a difference between a person using their cell phone and someone using their desktop computer.

As you design your site, the goal is to make it responsive for each individual user. Weather mobile or desktop, each person needs satisfy their purpose without confusion or frustration.

Easy Ordering

Ordering is a key operational feature of your website. Without ordering capabilities your website is nothing more than a brochure with a phone number. So how are you setting up your ordering system that helps streamline your business process and decreases friction for both your customer and your staff?

Thankfully there are a number of different alternatives besides a custom solution for your restaurant and small business. We have listed a few of them below.

Toast P.O.S

Toast combines point of sale, hardware, software, and payment processing with a suite of third-party integrations to help restaurateurs like you improve operations, grow revenue, and delight your guests.

Shop Keep

Sell online and in person with our point of sale and payment solutions. The success of your business is our business.

Chow Now

ChowNow Direct allows customers to place orders directly from your website, social media profiles, and custom-built food ordering apps — commission-free..

Think Local

Google My Business

As a restaurant your scope of service is highly specific to your geographic location. Since you are attracting local customers, Google My Business will be a major customer attraction for you. Here are your main focus point for google my business account and if you have not set it up there click the button below.

  • Reviews, Reviews, Reviews
  • Maintain updated hours
  • Ensure your menu is accurate and easy to read
  • Website Link
  • Directions Link
  • Google Ordering / Delivery Set-Up

Find My Menu

Your menu is what people need first. Give it to them! And give it to them on your Tasty Website that is easy to order from. This kills two birds with one stone, by bringing more people to your website, the more familiar your brand becomes to them and the better you are for Google.

Build Revenue Driving Listings

In the world of the internet, options are the name of the game. It is your job as the resturant to cater to as many people as possible so they can get it their way. This not only makes more happy customers, but it also increases your bottom line.

Below, we have outlined a few of the top online ordering and food delivery services that are available. Take advantage of them and feed more people!

Uber Eats

Uber Eats boast a pretty massive following. With over 91 Million active Uber users in 2019 and over 15 million of those users bought a meal. It would be in your best interest to sign up as a resturant partner.

Sign Up Here


With over 22.1 Million active userson GrubHub, there is no question as to the potential. Ensure that your resturant is getting found on a classic food ordering name.


Post Mates

Postmates delivered over 35 Million meals nationwide as of last year, no metric to leave unquestioned. It is a huge listing opportunity for your resturant.


Be Social

The Fantastic Duo

Social media has become such an integrated part of our lives that we could say it is somewhat of apart of peoples identities. It is a way to engage with customers both on a visual level, but also a deeply emotional level. It is important that your restaurant is connecting with your customers on a daily basis and reaching them emotionally on social media. As a business there are two groups of platforms that are currently most important and we will outline those below.

Invite Influence

Influences are all over the country, and have millions of followers on the social media platforms above. As a business owner, you know that building relationships is a key foundation to a long term business success. Essentially the goal is the invite influences to your restaurant and build relationships with them.

Steps to Influencer Program

  • Build Up Restaurant Social Profile
  • Create an Offer for Influencers
  • Outreach to Social Influences with Offer
  • Scale Outreach & Build Relationships

* Ensure that your offer has incentive for influencer to come back, enjoy, and to continue to share with their communities.

Reach Your Audience

Above we have listed all of the organic ways of growing your restaurant, in other words – you only have to put time and effort but not cash to get in front of a audience. These are all effective, but to put icing on the top advertising is there to reach highly specific audiences that you haven’t been able to reach before. Paid advertising is paramount to a balanced marketing approach and your success overall.

Google Adwords

Google is currently the king of the internet, and it is important to stay front in center for clients that are searching for your type of restaurant. Those who have not found you in the local, need to find you in the advertisements for optimal success. For resturants our suggestions are to keep keywords at a minimum and keep them exact match. Only present your ads to those who are particularly looking for your type of restaurant.

Social Advertising

Facebook is an important center for advertising on social media platforms. It is ideal for restaurants who are looking to expand brand awareness and drive more foot traffic of a defined audience. If your restaurant is for college students, you can present ads to only college students and minimize advertising waste. Keep ads clean, crisp, and simple.

Outsource Where possible

Obviously we wrote this guide and developed all this content so that you had the tools to build a digital marketing strategy that worked! There are always reasons why outsourcing may be a better option and we hope you think of us. If you are needing any questions we are here to help and assist.

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