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Ciphers Digital IMPACT Program

We are an IMPACT driven company. Non-profits around the world work tirelessly to give of their time to better the lives of others. We give back by helping non-profits grow their impact though increasing donations, raising awareness, and creating compelling stories that reach audiences that believe in their missions.


Non-Profit SAVINGS

How We Grow Your IMPACT

Google Ad Grants Management

Did you know, as an IMPACT DRIVEN non-profit you could receive over $10,000 per month in google advertising?

Google Maps

By optimizing your google maps, we can show your service area, direct volunteering efforts, and increase awareness.

G-Suite Set-Up

Organizing your teams has been made easier with G-Suite. It is also free for qualified IMPACT DRIVEN non-profits.

Youtube Management

Google generously allows many benefits through YouTube to allow for broader reaching and impact. We create effective strategies to maximize your youtube channel.

Google Ad Grants


Google Maps

Youtube Program


Custom Web Design.

Custom UX and Design

Donation Focused Development

Conversion Optimization

Donation Automation

Intentional Customer Journeys

Donation +

Do you want to increase your online donations?

We offer a unique blend of consulting and implementation services catered directly to non-profits striving to create a greater IMPACT.

IMPACT Program

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