Website Design for Yoga Studio

Clear Goal: Increase Conversions

Our goal was to re-design the existing website, bring a new fresh look, improve the user experience by implementing clear color philosophy, clean layout with dominant CTAs, improve the website’s SEO performance by creating new pages with SEO optimized content – & most importantly increase conversions.


Improved UX/UI


Faster Loading Time


Better SEO Performance

1. Dominant CTAs

The main CTAs are MindBody frames which were imported from the old website and which allow the user to book a yoga class. We improve their design and made them dominant within the website’s layout. We also implemented a menu cta and buttons redirecting to Schedule pages.

2. Improved SEO by Adding Class Types Pages

ZenLife Center for Healing offers many yoga classes but their description was only shown on popup within a MindBody frame which was downloaded from another server. By creating a page for every class, we let Google know which classes ZenLife offers.

3. Faster Loading Times

By optimizing the website’s content, including scripts and images, and adding the website to our super-fast dedicated server, it now loads 50% faster than the old website.


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