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Brand New Website for Belly’s Mexian Food

Authentic Mexican restaurant


Order Online Functionality

The customers of Belly’s Mexican Food can now simply order their meals online. The complete list of the meals including addons (such as extra salsa) can be filtered based on the meal’s category and price. Thanks to AJAX filtering, no redirection happens and the users stay on the same page (huge UX advantage).

Orders Management from Mobile App

Understanding the processes in each business is crucial for us. We need to know every detail of our client’s industry so that we can fully optimize our services for the client. Therefore, we knew that we have to make the orders management very simple for our client because restaurant kitchens are very busy during the opening hours and there isn’t any time to play around with complicated software orders management systems. At Belly’s Mexican Food, they only need a simple mobile app we prepared for them. When each order is received, a loud notification alerts the staff, and details can be found with just one click. Once the order is ready, it can be checked as completed by another click. These are 2 clicks for order!


Products management including new product uploads


Orders management with just 2 clicks needed per order

Events Management

Belly’s Mexican Food organizes and takes part in several events throughout the year. We prepared a simple event management solution that enables the client to enter new events including the event details such as location, time, and a map.

Excellent Mobile Experience

The mobile experience is the absolute priority for us at Ciphers Digital. The amount of visitors from mobile devices increases every day and Google checks very well how well a website is optimized for mobile. We created a great mobile experience for Belly’s Mexican Food.

Blazing Fast Loading Times

Our blazing fast dedicated servers are the right choice for every business that is serious about online marketing.


Let’s re-design a website that sells food online for your restaurant

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