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Nationwide Health Clubs Marketing

Read about how Mike Rux & Ciphers Digital provided 3x on organic SEO traffic for Youfit Health Clubs. The services provided for nearly 2.5 years were CRM management, organic Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation, Website Conversion & UX. Local Search Optimization and much more!

Tom Peterson

Tom Peterson, CMO of Youfit


We have accomplished so many great things “with minimal resources” this past year and has set us up for a tremendous 2019. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and teamwork!! I am truly blessed to be a part of an awesome team. Thank you again for all that you do for me and the Youfit family! You guys ROCK!!

About the Project

Ciphers digital was hired by Youfit Health Clubs in October of 2017 and worked with them until September of 2019. During the course of action, we provided organic SEO, react SEO, content optimization, schema rich markup, local SEO, CRM management and lead generation.

The services provided by Ciphers digital From October 2017 until September 2019 tripled the Organic Search Traffic. Increased lead generation & website conversion rates by 60%. Ciphers Digital was able to 3X the Youfit organic traffic over the course of approximately 2 years. This help limit the Ad spend and improved the bottom line with organic lead generation.

Services Provided

Website Managment & Development

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Search Engine Optimization

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Local SEO & Content Optimization

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