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Mike’s Barbershop

Vintage Style Haircut & Shave. This is our official case study for Mike’s Barber Shop located in Mesa, AZ. Read more about how Ciphers Digital can help by digital marketing your Barber Shop or Salon.


Mike Rux CEO of Ciphers Digital

Mike Rux, CEO at Ciphers Digial

At Ciphers Digital, we also work for small local businesses. Mike’s Barbershop is a typical example of a project, in which we used a variety of our services such as SEO Web Development, Content Marketing and Local SEO.

Online Booking System

In every situation, we try to automize processes. That’s why we introduced an Online Booking System on a brand new Mike’s Barbershop website. Customers can easily book their time without any stress they used to experience on phone calls. By integrating an online payment gateway option, reservations are secured by a deposit which decreases the rate of booked appointments which used to be  cancelled just a few minutes in advance.

Pixel Perfect Mobile Experience

The ratio of mobile visits has globally increased by about 20% in the 5 last years. With every website we build, the client also gets an amazing mobile experience we constantly improved according to the latest trends.  

Super Fast Loading Times

Time is a conversion killer in online marketing. Since we know it very well at Cipher Digital, we optimize every website for the fastest possible performance. Not only is this appreciated by the website’s visitors, but it also improves SEO ratings as loading time is an important aspect of search engine algorithms. 


Let’s Build Highly Converting Website for Barbershop Appointments!

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