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How Google Tools Disruption May Impact Your Business Digitally

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Are we going to loose digital marketing privileges from Google?

We all know that the pandemic has deeply affected business and created many challenges for them to navigate, especially online. At Ciphers Digital, we are optimistic about these changes, as they force businesses to “GO DIGITAL”, but here we go again! Right? Google sending out emails to warn businesses of proposed legislation that would have unintended consequences for your business. What does this mean for those businesses that are doing the right things digitally? Well, in this article we will examine the warning email from Google and analyze the intentions of the proposed legislation that could (“Disrupt many of the digital tools you use to reach customers”, statement by ©Google in warning email).

Google Warns of Digital Tools Being Restricted

Will Google Take Away Our Digital Marketing & Communication Tools?

Do you own a business that markets online? Do you use the Google suites or any of Googles free tools for digital marketing to reach your customers? If so, you may want to read more about the changes coming your way. Google provides an array of digital tools for businesses to reach customers. From Google Analytics to Gmail, Google Console for Webmasters and much more! See the brief list of Google digital tools below:

  • Google+ Business Pages (Important for local SEO)
  • Google Webmaster Tools (What a way to monitor your domain for errors)
  • Google Suite: Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms (Team Communication)
  • Google AdWords (Get converting traffic with Google Ads)
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner (Find keywords to rank for)
  • Google Trends (Get upcoming trends to marketing in advance)

What Google Tools do You use for Your Business?

After you have realized that many of the tools you use for your business digitally are on the list provided. You will want to read more about the “Storm that is Coming” from congress legislation according to the series of Google emails. You may also want to tune into learning more about proposed legislation hosted by the Connected Commerce Council. The webinar will cover how fellow business owners are advocating to protect their businesses and how others can do the same. We will have an opportunity to ask questions in the webinar as well.

Now that we have touched base on the Google warning and how to register to hear directly from the horse’s mouth. Let’s speculate on the effects of these changes as digital marketing professionals.

  1. What is the legislation bill that will pass?
    1. The U.S. bill that stops Big Tech companies from favoring its own products.
  2. What big change does Google foresee with passing of this legislation?
    1. Well, that is complicated. But the big deal we see as marketing professionals is in the Google Local 3 Pack especially. Google is claiming we will NO longer see Google (GMB). Google my business results in search. Bye, bye Google local business reviews!
  3. What other changes does Google claim will come to fruition if the bill is passed?
    1. Google claims business owners will have less effective marketing!
      1. Google ads will be disconnected from Google Analytics.
      2. Productivity will be hurt, as Gmail, Docs & Calendar will split up and no longer work seamlessly together.
  4. To recap on the major harm Google claims may be coming to a business near you concerning their digital tools!
    1. You will loose Google GMB listing and all of the great reviews you worked your A** off to acquire on Google! Google may be getting kind of YELP-ish. Are big tech companies internet bullies?
    2. Gmail, Google Calendar & Docs will not longer be in sync. OH NO! More work & less productivity!

Read for yourself from Google & their claims of “Making your digital marketing less effective“.

© Google Image of local search results

© Google We may loose GMB local listings & reviews

Be Calm and Get Your Digital Marketing On!

At Ciphers Digital, we believe the congress legislation may help us digital marketing professionals, by providing a level playing field. But there is the worry, that we will lose some of our tricky technical reporting and digital marketing tools from Google. Or is this just the beginning of Google saying, we are going to start charging for our free digital marketing tools. Either way, we have some great words of encouragement during these challenging times online. Stay focused, be white hat & always work hard on your digital marketing efforts. The rest will take care of itself. If you need to audit your digital marketing efforts? Feel free to reach out and Ciphers Digital Marketing Agency will help you navigate the rough waters. That is unless you want to captain your own ship. KEEP IT OFF OF THE ROCKS!