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Win A Website? $9,500 Website to One Lucky Arizona Restaurant

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Win a Website for Restaurants in Arizona

Enter to Win a $9,500 Website to One Lucky Arizona Restaurant

To say that the shutdowns and restrictions have been rough on Arizona restaurants is like saying decade-old mayonnaise smells a little funky. Many restaurants have had to close their doors. Even the ones that are open still struggle, even after lockdowns were lifted. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for restaurants?

Yes, there is! Right now, Ciphers Digital, in cooperation with Local First Arizona and Arizona Restaurant Association, is giving away a custom-tailored website worth $9,500 to one lucky Arizona restaurant. The final site will be fully branded and functional, with online payment capabilities and full SSL encryption. It can be integrated with the restaurant’s social media and will be optimized for mobile screens, too!

The Value of a Website

Which would you rather eat: a $100 steak or a $1 steak? The best websites that function flawlessly have many hours of intense work behind them. Just like the finest steaks come from knowledgeable chefs who use high-quality ingredients, great websites come from expert designers with lots of experience.

Anyone who has ever had to have a website built knows that it’s not a cheap process, but it’s still a necessary one. Professional web development from Ciphers Digital is top tier and it could just change the future of one lucky restaurant.

At Ciphers Digital, we are a complete web design and marketing firm that specializes in attention-getting branding for our clients. We know what it takes to bring a brand to life. That’s exactly the expertise we want to share with one lucky winner.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The winning restaurant’s website will come with a wide array of features, including powerful metrics and user tracking, full optimization, the ability to take payments, and a platform to send out newsletters for enhanced engagement.

At Ciphers Digital, we won’t leave you out in the cold with no guidance, either. We work with restaurants on branding and marketing all the time. We literally wrote the guide on online marketing for restaurants.

Your new website will continue to help you generate sales over time. Best of all, the team at Ciphers Digital will give you the knowledge you need to take full advantage of your new website and all of its innovative features.

Capitalizing on Your Web Presence

A high-quality, fully functional website can act as a hub for communication with your customers. Updates on hours, changes in the menu, enticing pictures of the food, reviews, curbside ordering — we’ll provide everything you need to connect with your loyal fans, while also driving new business to your doorstep!

How Can I Enter?

Entering is simple. Go to the contest page on our website. Click the big “SIGN UP TO WIN” button, put in your contact details, and that’s it!

The contest runs until October 29th, 2021. Submit your restaurant, and you may just find a $9,500 website in your future!

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