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What Basic SEO Tools Should I use? How Can I Find Them?

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Learn About Free SEO Tools & Basic SEO

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Search engine optimization tools are key for analyzing and optimizing your website for success. But the questions you may have. What SEO tools should I use? How can I find them for FREE? Finding & using the proper SEO tools to use will to help drive results to your search engine optimization campaigns. This can be a daunting task, if you don’t understand what tools will help the most and how you can find them. This article is intended to help you understand general SEO tasks & how to find the best free SEO tools to achieve results.

SEO is an industry that is constantly changing with new technologies and search engine algorithms. Thus, making search engine optimization a job for professionals to tackle. Not necessarily, remember there are basic SEO tasks to accomplish before the more technical, challenging tasks should be implemented. If you are working to constantly improve your search engine rankings, then at some point you will need a professional, like our friends over at Linchpin. Once you get to this point, a good SEO agency is not cheap. Therefore, why pay someone top dollar for basic/easy SEO services? So, you are asking. How do I perform basic SEO for my business? What search engine optimization tools do I need? Are these basic SEO tools free? These questions are easy to answer, start with simple SEO education & find the proper tools to help you implement the basic SEO tools needed to get results online.

Start With Basic SEO Implementation

Optimize Your Web Page Meta Tags!

  • Optimize Meta Tags – Meta tags tell the search engine what your web page is about.
    • This starts with knowing what keywords to use for each of your website’s pages. Also making these tags unique and relevant to the page you are working on. Using a great meta tag generator will help you.

Check for Copycats Stealing Your Content!

  • Check for content plagiarism – Copy cats are a big pain in the A**!
    • Just like in school. There are always those lazy butt heads who want to copy your hard work and use it for their benefit. The search engines hate plagiarism, but it is up to you to find these instances and eliminate them. Using a great plagiarism checker tool will allow you to find the copycat’s stealing the unique content that is rightfully yours. Then you can notify search engines and have them understand who owns the content rights.

Analyze Your Internal & External Linking Structures

  • One of the best ways to improve your on-site SEO is to have a great internal linking strategy and overall structure. This will tell the search engine what content is important. They will use these links to pass link electricity from one page to another. Is your website’s home page the only page ranking? This may be the main reason why. Find a great internal website links tools. Analyze your web page internal linking structure and make the necessary changes to pass that link juice!

A Quick Way to Find Some Free SEO Tools

Finding free search engine optimization tools for basic SEO analyzes is as easy as 1-2-3: Website’s are regularly posting SEO information for their readers example: The 11 Best Link-Building Tools for 2021.

  1. Understand what SEO tools you need for the most impact.
    1. Educate yourself first. Understand what basic SEO procedures are going to provide you the most impact? What are the guidelines for optimizing these metrics? How complicated are they to implement on your website?
  2. Research your website platform.
    1. Some businesses have a web guy who built their website. Others may have built it themselves and will know how to make the necessary SEO changes. Research what platform your website is on & understand how to implement basic SEO into the specific platform your website is running on.
  3. Search for those tools in the major search engines.
    1. Free SEO tools are all over the internet. Doing a simple search in the major search engines will more than likely turn up the free tool you need. You may need to get specific or just do a broad search and find everything.

Free SEO tools & paid are everywhere. Some are useful and some are not. Finding these tools is easy. Do you know which tools you need for the most value and biggest online ranking impact? If you don’t, maybe we can give you a recommendation. is the best all-in-one SEO tool that can satisfy your basic SEO needs. It has four main products: Keyword Intelligence, Content Intelligence, Rank Intelligence and Rank Tracking. You can do anything from keyword discovery to rank tracking to curating SEO-friendly content or discovering your ranking keywords.

If you have reached the end of this article. You will have learned what SEO tools you need to perform some basic SEO implementation. Again, why pay the expensive SEO professionals for something you can do yourself, right? Ciphers Digital has been performing the best Search engine optimization near Gilbert, AZ for over 11+ years. Feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss your next SEO project. We offer up to one hour of free SEO consulting for new clients. We are located at 1525 S Higley Rd #104 Gilbert, AZ 85296 & have a team of SEO professionals to help you with your next online endeavor.