Social Media Optimization Services

Let us provide you effective social media strategies. We can help you brand, grow and maintain a strong social media presence.

The Goal at MR SEO, INC is to meet the needs of clients by using a wide variety of marketing techniques to establish a strong internet presence using many outlets like social media optimization. Increasing the number of people visiting your website and ultimately improving your business bottom line by using targeted SEO Marketing!

Our Social Media Marketing & Optimization gives you the audience to perform business engagements for better brand awareness. Our main goal is to achieve a stronger brand for your business by providing target audience engagements using valuable social media signals. We will harness the power of the most popular social media website like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.


Brand Monitoring

We use insights and feedback from your current social media audience to learn of ways to strengthen your brand.


Social Media Website

There are many social media platforms. We like to concentrate on the 3 or 4 major social media sites. Our team will determine the most effective social media sites for your business to engage on.


Social Media Management

Allow use to analyze where your business should be engaging. Lets build you a valuable target audience on relevant social media websites.


Custom Canvas Design & Setup

Our team will create custom social media profiles of quality. Looking professional to your audience allow for a better feedback stream.


Our Clients Love Working With Us


Mike is a top-notch strategic consultant providing brand development, website traffic growth, website UI and advertising revenue. He has helped companies develop brand strategy and statistic systems, working with businesses’ online marketing to establish Search Engine Optimization for a presence on Google, Yahoo, and Bing and landing page optimization. Mike is also expert in WordPress and CMS development. You can depend on Mike Rux to increase your online business leads and traffic generation. That’s why they call him Mr. SEO.


Beth Wann

Experienced government contracts and proposal consultant


Mike Rux has literally saved my business. When I first hired, Mike, it was a last ditch effort before I quite possibly would have to close my business. In less then 9 months that has completely turned around. I know it’s hard to believe but I have added staff to accomodate my new business and am looking for a larger office to expand into. There is no doubt in my mind that this is 100% due to the amazing work of Mike Rux! I can never thank him enough.


Michone Ouellette

D.C. Health and Wellness Enthusiast and Expert


I have had MR SEO, Mike Rux Jr. monitoring and enhancing our web presence for a few months now. Every couple of week he sends us a report, showing that page rank of our important keywords we are placing higher, which means more potential business. Every month, I see higher page rankings for the PROFOX RACING web site! We’ve also experienced more online purchases, which means more profits. Overall, we are really happy with the results and communication.



PROFOX Auto Racing Suits for the competitive racer


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