Mobile Marketing

Stay on track with mobile marketing. Keep your mobile search strong!

Aggressive mobile marketing & SEO will offer a large outlet for user interaction. Why miss out on mobile device traffic? The importance of providing a mobile visible campaign with responsive landing, will elevate your business sales. Get large traffic gains with mobile marketing strategy.

We use mobile marketing to increase website traffic and brand awareness. We can manage your mobile marketing needs while gaining mobile SEO positioning. We will target your business audience on their smart devices. They will have your business card on their smart phone.

80+% of adults online now carry a smartphone. This number is relentlessly growing as we speak. If your site ranks well on a PC, does that mean it will rank on a smart device? The simple answer is no. Make sure you have a responsive and well optimized website for mobile devices.


Go Mobile! Let us provide a mobile marketing campaign for your website. Do not miss the opportunity to for your business to thrive in the mobile space!


Mobile First Design

Great mobile browsing is crucial for your website users to focus on the content provided for them.


Accurate Targeting

Using targets to align in search will have new leads driven to your website daily. Mobile marketing campaigns will increase ROI on a large scale.


SMS Campaings

We can harness your customers with a gentle approach. Occasions SMS messaging will get you on their mind and add to your mobile marketing efforts.


Our Clients Love Working With Us


Mike is a top-notch strategic consultant providing brand development, website traffic growth, website UI and advertising revenue. He has helped companies develop brand strategy and statistic systems, working with businesses’ online marketing to establish Search Engine Optimization for a presence on Google, Yahoo, and Bing and landing page optimization. Mike is also expert in WordPress and CMS development. You can depend on Mike Rux to increase your online business leads and traffic generation. That’s why they call him Mr. SEO.


Beth Wann

Experienced government contracts and proposal consultant


Mike Rux has literally saved my business. When I first hired, Mike, it was a last ditch effort before I quite possibly would have to close my business. In less then 9 months that has completely turned around. I know it’s hard to believe but I have added staff to accomodate my new business and am looking for a larger office to expand into. There is no doubt in my mind that this is 100% due to the amazing work of Mike Rux! I can never thank him enough.


Michone Ouellette

D.C. Health and Wellness Enthusiast and Expert


I have had MR SEO, Mike Rux Jr. monitoring and enhancing our web presence for a few months now. Every couple of week he sends us a report, showing that page rank of our important keywords we are placing higher, which means more potential business. Every month, I see higher page rankings for the PROFOX RACING web site! We’ve also experienced more online purchases, which means more profits. Overall, we are really happy with the results and communication.



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