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Google Warning of Consequences from Social Media Bill

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Business Owner Frustrated by Tech Company

Using Google’s Business Tools & Search Engine for Business Productivity


As a business owner using Google’s digital tools & their search engine to market your company online! You may receive an alarming email from Google warning of potential disruption of their services, thus hurting the productivity of your business; and to stay informed because your business may be severely affected. Google and the other tech giants are claiming US Congress is investigating their platforms for spreading disinformation!



Google Email Warning Businesses of Impact from Social Media Bill

Actual Email From Google To Business Using Their Tools. All Rights Reserved by © Google




Google Warns of Bill That May Affect Businesses Online Productivity


The Google warning email states that the US Congress is considering a bill that would regulate the use of Google’s digital tools. But the email does not stop there! Google continues by stating that these regulations by Congress will affect our business listings on Google Maps & in Google searches. They then make the statement that “If congress passes the bill, the changes will make it harder for customers to find our business”. Is that a threat or promise? What is really going on across the internet?


Tech Giant Warns of Scary Things to Come on Platforms


Why are the Tech. giants such as Google, Facebook & Twitter seemingly punishing American Business Owners? The better question is “Why is Google participating, when the issue is social media disinformation?” Google only scrapes the internet for the best possible information to reveal to users, right? Is Google adamant about updating their privacy terms & usage policies? Are we guaranteed a good result from what we find on their “Highly Regulated Search Platforms & Business Tools”?



Google Terms Screen Shot #3

Screen Shot from Google Privacy & Terms. All rights reserved by © Google



Google Warns of Congress Social Media Bill May Affect Business Online


So, why are the giant tech companies warning of restrictions to our business in search? More importantly, why is Google warning that it may be harder for customers to find our business? All because of social media wrongdoing! Isn’t Google a catalyst to display the information others share? Don’t they make such statements in their privacy terms? Or are these statements too complicated for differentiation? Let’s face it their policies seem extremely like their algorithms, not so evergreen and regularly changing.





Ciphers Digital Can Help Determine Online Business Productivity


As business owners, we understand these type notifications from Google are scary. Why? Well, in our opinion warning to penalize businesses using Google services by making it harder for customers to find us, thus; hurting our productivity, is downright scary! Or is it? Maybe this is a great opportunity for those Google Marketing Professionals, who use the major search engine and the tools offered to improve internet presence for business productivity.


Have you ever considered this as a wake up call, to better monitor what Google is doing & why? If you are managing Google’s business services & marketing a business in their search engine. Keeping up-to date is a must. Don’t “fret little flowers”. Staying on the good side of Google is easy as thinking in terms of what your customers would want. Honest information, that is relevant and offers something of value.


Our opinion in this article is derived from the fact that U.S. Congress is investigating social media’s role in misinforming the public, this may be due of the lack of regulating their platforms and preventing fake information from being disseminated. All statements here are the opinion of Ciphers Digital Marketing Agency. If, you need a comprehensive internet marketing service. Ciphers Digital can help. Get in touch today for a complementary initial audit, and let’s find out if you are in danger of Google’s new warning.