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Mike Rux – Founder and CEO – Ciphers Digital Marketing Agency

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Getting to Know Mike Rux, Founder of Ciphers Digital

Everyone has a story. We wanted to share the story of Mike Rux, Founder of Ciphers Digital.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, Ciphers Digital serves businesses in Arizona and across the country by providing search engine optimization services to get their businesses found online.

He wasn’t always an online guru. Here’s his story, in his words.

Tell us about Ciphers Digital.

Ciphers Digital was born of experience, market demand, and the need to support my family. With my wife and I working full-time, it felt like we didn’t have family time, as I imagine it does for many other families. My wife wanted to stay at home with our daughter. That was the push I needed from working on digital marketing as a side hustle to growing the client list into a brand.

Since 2008, I’ve worked as a freelance web designer, primarily in the fitness center industry, while also working for my dad at his auto mechanic business. I’ll talk more about that later.

Fitness Works Athletic Clubs was one of my first clients. Honestly, I knew them because I had worked out at their locations. I performed an SEO Audit and called the owner to discuss my findings. I worked with Fitness Works for seven years as their Organic SEO Specialist, built their website, and managed their online presence. We were generating between 1,500 and 1,700 leads per month for their four locations, more than expected.

When Fitness Works was sold, I continued as a freelancer with the subsequent brand and then to You Fit, the national brand. With 115 locations nationwide, I continued as their Digital Marketing & SEO Manager where I remained until 2019. Through my two and half years, the organic traffic tripled, and the website went from 78,000 organic visits per month to 328,000 visits per month. As a result, they were able to reduce their Google Ad spend over four times.

You mentioned Ciphers Digital was born from experience, can you tell us more about your early experience in digital marketing?

Mike Rux CEO of Ciphers Digital Back in 2007, I was working as an auto technician in my father’s business. We were struggling to make ends meet and didn’t have enough new work. I was passing out flyers to local businesses and was driving some work to our shop, but not enough. After a long day of passing out flyers and getting only the classic no solicitation pushback, I decided it was time to figure out a new plan.

I called a meeting with my dad and told him that I was going to take on marketing the business and build a website. He countered that he had tried to build one in 2001 and it didn’t work. I knew that I had to make the website drive traffic to the business.

Using a basic Yahoo website builder, I created the website and began optimizing content, building links, and sharing the website anywhere I could find. After three to six months, we began seeing a return. My dad left me to continue marketing efforts, including managing the new website. After a few months, the website was driving ALL of our revenue from Google Organic search queries.

I knew I could do more than just manage my dad’s auto shop website. In 2008, I began a rigorous schedule of working at the shop, managing home life, and then learning as much as I could about digital marketing.

I took the chance with Fitness Works and started growing Ciphers Digital. It has been a wild rife with sleepless nights, but it has all paid off.

What sets Ciphers Digital apart from other digital marketing agencies?

Ciphers Digital was officially started in 2019 after working on my own as a freelancer for a number of brands. It was time to build my own brand.

Over the years, I’ve had my share of tragedies and struggles, including the deaths of both my parents, and the murder of my nephew. That kind of loss creates resilience and post-recovery makes me realize what is most important – my family and my integrity. I treat my client projects like they are my own because they are. I truly care that we’re growing your businesses.

My experience as a professional sprint car driver for more than 17 years, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training and competitions, including taking third in the World Master Jiu Jitsu Championship in 2016, make me who I am today. I champion my clients. My goal is to learn about your business so that we can grow together.

I’ve also provided digital marketing services to nonprofits and have more than a $160,000 impact on that sector. My goal is to drive over $1 million over the next two years.

At Ciphers Digital, we never quit. We treat our clients with integrity by providing a sustainable online presence and results for small businesses. We make an impact.

Tell us about the services offered by Ciphers Digital.

Over the years, I’ve continued to learn. One of the biggest lessons is that I can’t run this business alone. I’ve developed partnerships with complementary businesses and grown my own team so we can best serve our clients.

If your business is looking to grow its online presence organically with limited social media, consider Ciphers Digital. Our team creates and builds online presence for businesses using SEO fundamentals:

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