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About XML Sitemap Generator

Cipher Digital’s XML Sitemap Generator

List your most important pages so crawlers can discover and index your site more efficiently.

What Is an XML Sitemap?

At its most basic level, an XML sitemap is a plain-text XML file that describes a website’s sections and pages. XML sitemaps are created to be submitted to Google or any other search engine so that search engine bots and users are able to locate specific content regardless of its position on the site.


An XML sitemap can also contain extra information like metadata or details about the last time an URL was updated. This information allows search engine crawlers to inspect your site more quickly. The easier your site is to crawl through, the better your chances are of improving your site’s ranking. 


XML sitemaps empower the website owner to quickly and easily notify search engines (specifically the search engine bots) of all of the pages in your website and any changes that have been made. 


If you want your new website to have a higher chance of discoverability, in addition to being indexed speedily and correctly, an XML sitemap is crucial. 

What is the Difference Between XML and HTML Sitemaps?

The main difference between XML and HTML sitemaps is the intention of the design. XML sitemaps are created for search engines, and HTML sitemaps are made for users. 


The HTML sitemap is a list of URLs that defines the important content of a website and permits users to swiftly navigate to any page they choose. Since HTML sitemaps are made with humans in mind, their central purpose is to enhance the user’s experience while making it as simple as possible. 


Aside from increasing the usability and increasing your site’s SEO ranking, an HTML sitemap can also organize large websites and find internal linking opportunities. 


Older sites that have archived content substantially benefit from HTML sitemaps as well, seeing as they can be used to show you how to improve your website’s overall navigation. 


When a new website is introduced to the internet, it will at some point be discovered by web crawlers and added to search engine indexes. However, almost no one wants to wait indefinitely for their website to be found. 


To get the ball rolling, website owners utilize Extensible Markup Language (XML) to create sitemaps that bots can read. XML sitemaps are especially vital for websites that have time-sensitive content or websites that frequently publish new content. 

Why Should I Use a Generator?

The process of building and submitting an XML sitemap, along with a detailed list of potential alternative formats, can be a little time-consuming. If you aren’t already well versed in technology or basic coding, the task will become even more complex. 


The recommended way to format your list is an all-inclusive, upgradable XML sitemap protocol. Once your generic XML sitemap is complete, it may be in your best interest to create additional maps for specific content. 


Videos, mobile content, news, and even your site’s images should have their own individual sitemaps. Once these are made, you can submit your sitemaps to Google through their search console. 


In an effort to save your time and energy, our free XML sitemap generator will handle the majority of the steps listed above. This approach is the best option for webmasters who need to create a sitemap for any of their websites that don’t exceed 5,000 pages. All you need to do is enter your site’s domain in our generator and fill out the details.


You are one quick search away from a comprehensive list. Our XML sitemap generator gives you the option of either directly copying your list and pasting it into the root folder of your domain or downloading the file to your computer. 


Crafting, submitting, and updating your sitemaps using our sitemap generator will contribute greatly to ensuring that you improve your ranking. 


Instead of waiting around for web crawlers to find your site, or going through the painstakingly tedious process of creating your XML sitemaps yourself, use our tool to make indexing your site easy. Absolutely free of costs with no registration or downloads required, our XML sitemap generator is designed with webmasters in mind.