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About Online Ping Website Tool

Turn On the Spotlight With Cipher Digital’s Online Ping Website Tool

Submit your site and alert search engines to new content, so you never have to worry about being overlooked.

What Exactly Is This Tool For?

The term ‘ping’ is defined as a query across a network. In the SEO world, a ping is like a digital alert to search engines. 


The Online Ping Website tool makes it significantly easier for your website to be discovered by search engine crawlers by pinging your website URL to several search engines, resulting in fast indexing. Pinging is one of the simplest, most time-efficient ways to boost your site's ranking.


Digital marketing providers, webmasters, and anyone else on the internet concerned with SEO will benefit greatly from this tool. It can take a long time, often weeks, for search engines to acknowledge the update or change you’ve made to your website.


When you publish a new blog or article, you want that new material to be at the forefront of search engine results for your website. Search engine results regularly display content that is weeks or months old, making it appear as if there haven’t been any new updates to your site. This outdating occurs because the new sites are not yet indexed. 


Being able to ping search engines comes in handy for reasons other than search engine results, too. For example, you can write an in-depth article and end up being penalized for plagiarism if someone else steals the article and pings it first. 


Unfair as it is, search engines recognize the person who puts their hand in the air first. Plagiarism comes with a serious penalty, and it can take months to recover from the drop in your ranking. 


Constantly making changes and updates to your site without pinging search engines exposes you to a lot of future frustration and headaches. Furthermore, you can ping websites other than your own that link back to you. 


Pinging backlinks ensures that search engines index the page linking to you quickly, which will speed up the time it takes for the backlink to benefit your search engine result page ranking. 


Backlinks are more effective and powerful when they receive large amounts of traffic. When you use this free tool to ping your backlinks, web crawlers will index it faster, leading to more viewers being exposed to the site. 

How Do I Use This Tool?

We designed our Online Ping Website Tool to be fast and easy to use. The only thing you have to do is enter the main domain of your website or blog, the official name, the URL of your updated page, and the RSS feed of your blog. Once you hit enter, our tool immediately begins the process of reaching out to search engines.


Before you start pinging search engines, it would be a good idea to make sure your site is already optimized and loading quickly. 


Technical issues are heavily frowned upon by crawlers, and you wouldn’t want to alert search engines to a new page that will negatively affect your ranking. Being sure of your website’s usability before utilizing our tool will give you the best results. 


Also, be careful about pinging too much. Once you use our tool once for a new update to your site, you don’t need to use other tools or methods to alert search engines of your website’s changes. Attempting to ping a web page or blog several times can potentially make search engine bots regard the new page as spam. 


On a more serious note, some search engines even ban a website or place them on an ignore list if pinged too frequently. If this happens, it can be catastrophic for your search engine ranking and your overall business.


Pinging search engines will steer more traffic to your site and heighten visibility. Put Cipher Digital’s free Online Ping Website Tool to use and never wait a long time to be indexed again.