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About Keyword Position Checker

Confirm Your Rank with Cipher Digital’s Keyword Position Checker

Analyze your website’s search engine rank in relation to the keywords you’re targeting.

Why Should I Be Checking My Keyword Position?

When a user searches the internet using your targeted keywords, your website will appear among the results. The thing is, your website can be on page one or page one hundred. If you don’t check your keyword position, you’re leaving yourself open to a blindspot.


Regularly checking and tracking the keyword positions of your site keeps you aware of how strong your current SEO strategy is – or isn’t.


In the best-case scenario, your page will constantly be in the top ten search results pages for the terms you’re focused on. The titans of industry, household names and such, tend to fill the top few slots on the first page. 


If your website is not listed in the first ten search result pages, then your keywords may not be properly optimized, or you’ve made a mistake somewhere else. 


For instance, if you haven’t met quality guidelines, you will certainly fall behind in keyword position. You can violate quality guidelines with a variety of missteps, ranging from your site not being compatible with certain browsers to not having crawlable links.


In addition to keeping your eye on your ranking, our Keyword Position Checker tool enables you to check on anyone’s rank. Knowledge is power, and knowing how your competition’s rank compares to your own is valuable information. 

How Does This Tool Work?

Our free Keyword Position Checker tool efficiently scans through Google and Yahoo search engines for targeted keywords and phrases and then details the immediate position of your website. You can also enter the website of a client, a competitor, or any other domain you’d like to check on. 


The Keyword Position Checker tool was designed for simplicity and ease of use. Enter your domain name, as well as the keywords or phrases you’re targeting, and set how many pages you want the checker to comb through.


A few short moments later, the software will show you a report of where your website ranks for each keyword that you enter.

What Should I Do With My Results?

If you’re happy with your keyword position, then maintaining your rank and fine-tuning your strategy will suffice. If you are unsatisfied with your position, looking for areas to improve would be the next step.


In order to optimize your page to the best of its ability, Google needs to be receiving all of the right signals from your website. 


The first thing to work on is reviewing your website to make sure the on-page SEO is tailored perfectly. Your targeted keywords and variants of the keywords should be in the text, but be careful not to overuse them. Over-optimizing can have the exact opposite effect of what you’re aiming for.


Next, you should evaluate the type of websites outranking yours. If you’re offering a popular product, then your target keyword must have higher than average traffic. 


To combat the oversaturation in the market, you can experiment with long-tail keyword phrases. Fewer people are attempting to rank for the long-tail keywords, so you will naturally have a better chance at reaching a high ranking.


Above all else, checking your website for technical issues is crucial. Your site has to be easy for users and crawlers to find, navigate, and experience. Your keyword position ranking can and will be affected negatively if your website isn’t technically sound. You should run a technical SEO audit on your website for a comprehensive assessment.


Here are a few extra tips to improve your ranking:


  • Build quality backlinks (off-page SEO)

  • Consistently publish quality content

  • Engage with social media

  • Keep up with algorithm updates

  • Take advantage of our other free SEO tools

  • Ensure mobile optimization


By staying aware of your keyword position ranking, you will be able to have your finger on the pulse of your site’s SEO. You need to know if you’re trailing behind your peers, and if you are, how severely. 


Use Cipher Digital’s free and easy Keyword Position Checker tool today to make sure your SEO campaign is paying off.