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Master Your Backlink Strategy with Cipher Digital’s Backlink Builder

Out of the 200 factors Google considers to determine your page ranking, backlinks are arguably the most important. Backlinks assist in ranking keywords and web pages in Google, which results in your site getting more views. Our free Backlink Builder generates an extensive list of backlinks, helping your site to move up in the ranking. 


All you need to do is enter your website into our free Backlink Builder and wait for it to generate a list of multiple sites with authority that will boost your website’s visibility. 

Are Backlinks Really That Important?

Absolutely. Backlinks are not easy to come by, but they are highly sought out because they inherently boost your SEO power. Raising your website and its pages’ search engine results pages (Commonly known as SERP) brings more viewers and customers to your site, which in turn brings you more revenue.


Having a backlink strategy is crucial if you are serious about stepping up your SEO rankings. Your site being linked on relevant pages will make you an authority figure, and people tend to trust and want to buy from authority figures more than an average joe.  

How Are Backlinks Evaluated?

Google evaluates the quality of backlinks based in part on whether they are paid for or free. The search engine crawlers are intelligent enough to differentiate between paid and free links, so paying someone to list your site on their completely unrelated site will do more harm than good.


Specific factors can get you a great evaluation, and those factors are centered around a few things. First, the position of the link is extremely important.


The value level is what makes a backlink great. Links that are inserted into the body content section of a website are regarded as highly valuable by Google. Typically, web pages include five different sections. Inserting backlinks into areas of the website that are not the body content won’t do much for your ranking. 


One of the first things Google takes notice of is the relevance of the website that is linking to your page or your content. For example, if you have a website for your gardening product, backlinks from a mortgage site would not do you any favors. The non-related link will be categorized as low quality or just downright bad.


Another thing to keep in mind is the anchor text. Anchor text is text on a page with a hyperlink that is clickable. The URL that the anchor text is linking to must be in correlation with the content; Anchor text shouldn’t be thrown in randomly or placed in after the fact. 


Anchor text works best for SEO when it is placed naturally in the flow of the prose. If the anchor seems abrupt or like it wasn’t supposed to be there, Google crawlers will mark it as low on their evaluation score. 

Why Should You Use Our Tool?

Our Backlink Builder is completely free, and there are no limitations to what you can do with it. Having your website reach the top ranking on search engines is next to impossible without a SEO strategy. 


As they are the cornerstone of rankings, backlinks should be the first thing you consider when strategizing. However, putting your strategy to work and reaping the benefits is not as easy as it may sound. Our Backlink Builder tool can make executing your strategy less time-consuming while helping you boost your SEO ranking. 




  1. Enter your website into the Backlink Builder.

  2. Wait for the Backlink Builder to generate websites.

  3. Enjoy your backlinks!


It’s that simple. The backlinks we build for you are always relevant and related to your niche, so you don’t have to worry about any bad links working against you. Backlink Builder instantly creates absolutely free, high-quality links that will allow your website to be recognized and indexed by the bots that search engines operate.


We always provide a long list of backlinks because the more higher-quality backlinks you enjoy, the better your ranking will be. Search engines are designed to give users the best, most relevant results to their questions and needs. 


Links are considered to be a sign of credibility and trust, both of which you need to improve your ranking. Use our free Backlink Builder tool today to make your backlink strategy simple and easy.