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View Your Alexa Ranking with Cipher Digital’s Alexa Ranking Checker Tool

An Alexa ranking is a measure of a website’s popularity. Keeping an eye on your Alexa ranking is quite important if you want a better idea of your traffic and engagement.

Why Is an Alexa Ranking Important?

Alexa is a global list system that ranks over thirty million websites in the order of their popularity. Traffic and engagement are the heart of a website’s revenue, so needless to say, it’s important to keep your eye on how popular (or unpopular) your website is. 


It’s important to know where you stand because if your rank is low, then that’s a signal your optimization strategy could use some revision. 

How Does the Alexa Ranking System Work?

Alexa Rankings are calculated by combining a site’s estimated traffic and visitor engagement in the previous three months. The estimation is done by Alexa’s toolbar, which monitors a user’s browsing behavior. The browsing behavior acts as a generic sample for all of the users on the internet.


Specifically, the rank is calculated by using a combination of estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of page views on the site over the past three months.


Alexa’s ranking system data is based on traffic provided by its ‘global data panel.’ This data is collected from internet users who use one of the browser Alexa extensions that are available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and other browsers.


The Alexa ranking algorithm combs through a site and calculates the frequency of visits. If the same user visits a website more than once on the same day, it is counted as a single visit. There are two important factors the Alexa ranking system uses to measure a website’s ranking.


“Unique daily visitors” tracks the number of Alexa users visiting a web page in a single day.


“Average page views” tracks the number of times a certain page or URL is viewed by Alexa users. 


The site with the highest number of both unique visitors and average page views is ranked at number one. Of course, the reigning champions of the top spots tend to be giants like Amazon or Google, but there is no reason your site can’t rank in the spots that directly follow.

How Can an Alexa Rank Be Helpful?

To start, you will have a comprehensive insight into the performance of your website, which can be extremely valuable in other areas of digital marketing and SEO. You also gain the possibility of attracting guest writers of a higher quality who will be eager to contribute articles to a highly-ranked website.


Furthermore, if your site’s main stream of revenue is advertising, a high Alexa rank would give you the authority to charge exponentially more for advertising space. 


If that isn’t enough, you also have the ability to obtain a quick traffic estimate of your competition. When you have this information, you can compare it to your website and see how well you’re faring against the competition.

Why Should I Use This Tool?

Our completely free and easy-to-use Alexa Rank Checker tool is a quick way to find out exactly where you are with your traffic and engagement. Once you know your stats, you can then use our tool to check on the competition’s numbers. Simply enter the URL you want to check an Alexa rank for into the search bar, and let us do the work.


You will receive stats for five different categories. Global rank, regional rank, the number of backlinks to your site, the popularity, and the search engine traffic rank for keywords associated with your website.


It is recommended that you check your Alexa rank regularly, as things can change rapidly or even drastically over a period of time. When you use Cipher Digital’s Alexa Rank Checker tool, you get to eliminate the guesswork while receiving data that will be hugely beneficial to your business.