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Ciphers Digital to Donate Big for Arizona Restaurants & Food Trucks

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This summer saw restrictions lifted and restaurants open to customers again. But thanks to shifting federal guidelines, local regulations, and a looming threat of further lockdowns, restaurants & food trucks are once again hurting for in-person customers.

In Arizona, as restaurants looked back at 2020 as a trial they would hope never to repeat, they realize there are still struggles ahead. As the world of dining continues to adapt and change in light of continued challenges, restaurants often struggle to keep up.

So what can restaurants do? While the pivot to delivery services and pickup-only meals helped many organizations to avoid closing their doors, to truly succeed in a shifting landscape, restaurants will need the right resources in place to weather the storm.

Ciphers Digital Steps In

Customers may be hoping for the return of in-person meals at restaurants, but it’s the eateries with the best web presence that are winning customers.

Ciphers Digital, an Arizona-based SEO optimization firm and digital marketing agency, is giving away a $9,500 website to one lucky Arizona restaurant. This website will give the winning restaurant a fully functional online brand that will catch customers’ attention and give them the edge over the competition.

Think a $9,500 website sounds like a lot? It is! The websites you use every day for major corporations aren’t cheap. When you want powerful features that can make all the difference with your customers, it requires skill and experience. Fortunately, that’s our specialty at Ciphers Digital.

One lucky local restaurant or food truck is going to get an entire website built at that very same level. They’ll enjoy online payment functionality, complete SSL encryption for ultimate security, a newsletter function to stay in touch with customers, mobile optimization, social media integration, and more.

And Ciphers Digital knows restaurant marketing. Check out our guide, “How Online Marketing Can Boost Your Restaurant Business.” In it, we give all kinds of amazing tips. These are the pros that want to build your website.

Optimized for the Future

The best part about having a top-notch, expertly crafted website is that it’s not a one-time gift. Updating the website as menus change, putting up new pictures, and crafting messages for clientele will give you an ongoing platform for marketing your business. And you’ll have the expertise of Ciphers Digital behind you to make sure it’s all done right.

Help your restaurant rise to the top of search rankings when people search for restaurants in your part of Arizona. With the help of the experienced team at Ciphers Digital, you can work to build a loyal customer base that will keep coming back.

How Do I Get My $9,500 Website?

You can’t win it if you aren’t in it! To submit your entry, just go to the contest page on Cipher Digitals’ website. There will be a big button marked, “ENTER TO WIN NOW.” Simply put in your information and you’ll be in the running!