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Calling Arizona Restaurant Owners: Win a $9,500- Worth Fully Functional Website This Month

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Win a Website for Restaurants in Arizona

Arizona Restaurant Business Owners. Want to Win a $9,500 Functional Website

Do you own a local restaurant in Arizona? Have you been putting off creating or updating your website due to funding issues? Let Ciphers Digital come to the rescue! We have officially started the clock for our free website giveaway valued at $9,500 for one lucky Arizona restaurant owner. You have until October 29th, 2021, to sign up and see if you’ll have the chance to collaborate with Ciphers Digital to create the restaurant website of your dreams!

Restaurant closures are not new to the industry, with an average year seeing 2%-3% of locations needing to close shop in Arizona. However, the recent restrictions and shutdowns caused closures to skyrocket in 2020, with between 10%-12% of restaurants permanently shutting their doors. Ciphers Digital wants to help prevent another Arizona restaurant from falling into that statistic by providing an easy-to-use online ordering website to increase overall revenue.

About the Restaurant Giveaway Website

Ciphers Digital will create and customize one fully functional website for the winning local restaurant in collaboration with Local First Arizona and the Arizona Restaurant Association. Local First Arizona supports local businesses to elevate their voices and provide them with much-needed resources. The Arizona Restaurant Association’s mission includes building customer loyalty and increasing the restaurant’s financial success.

Ciphers Digital will integrate the website into already created social media pages, so the restaurant won’t have to worry about revamping everything they already have in place. Plus, the site will be pixel-perfect and fully mobile-responsive, creating a seamless user experience for all customers. And with its SSL encryption, the restaurant will know the site is secure and safe on both ends.

To top everything off, Ciphers Digital will provide the restaurant owner with access to user tracking and other Google Analytics data to ensure they hit their target audience and convert page visits into sales. The site will utilize every aspect of the restaurant’s pre-existing branding to showcase its style and design without compromising quality. Visitors to the site will be able to quickly and easily view the menu, place delivery orders, and utilize various payment methods.

Ciphers Digital will also include email marketing as part of the prize so that the restaurant can send out newsletters and other details to current and potential customers. This strategy promotes growth and allows the restaurant to capitalize on target customers more efficiently.

Who Is Ciphers Digital?

Ciphers Digital is a full-service SEO and digital marketing agency based in Arizona that works with various Arizona businesses to create or improve their online presence.

With over 15 years in the marketing field, the Ciphers Digital team knows what it takes to increase growth and generate revenue for companies. They specialize in a wide range of online marketing strategies, including:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

The company has created almost 100 websites to boost sales and build a solid reputation for its clients. They depend on trust, integrity, and honesty when collaborating with clients. Ciphers Digital hopes their Arizona restaurant website giveaway can provide the support and encouragement the restaurant owner needs to break out into the digital foodservice industry and help their restaurant expand online.

For more details about the website giveaway and to see a demo of what the winning website will look like, visit the submission page. Enter to win today before it’s too late!